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Without further ado, lets begin!

Vegan Lunch # 1: Spicy Ranch Pasta Salad

Vegan Spicy Ranch Pasta Salad

You are busy and need some inspiration for your Vegan Lunch, right?

This is a great option for those Spring and Summer days where you want to have something that is delicious and filling.

A thing that I really love about this dish is that it is easy to eat.  Sometimes you don't get the chance to eat at a table (which I admit, isn't perfect) however, that's life! So this solution is a great option if you are in that situation.

Also, the Spicy Ranch Pasta Salad is a really great dish that will make your work colleagues super jealous , it's super delicious and if you team it up with the other options of fruit, nuts and some sweet cookies - it really covers all bases.


Penne Pasta

Vegan Ranch Dressing


Cherry Tomatoes

Purple Onion

Vegan Chilli Flakes

Vegan Ranch Dressing (of choice) 



Red Chilli flakes


Add all ingredients

1, Cook pasta and put into large bowl

2, Add Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes and Purple Onion

3, Add Ranch dressing, Mustard, Pepper and Chilli Flakes

stir together

4, Mix everything in the bowl well.

5, Finished.

Place in your take away container along with a side of Oranges, Almonds and Strawberry Newtons.

Vegan Salad in Lunch Box

Vegan Lunch #2: Chickpea Salad on Pita

Chickpea Salad on Pita

The Chickpea Salad on Pita is an awesome option for your vegan lunch! 

This really is a great example of food that will love you back. The pita has enough in it to keep you going, especially if you have a particularly big gym session late in the day.​




Purple Onion

Vegan Mayonnaise

Salt + Pepper


Pita Bread


1, In your Food Processor put:


Add ingredients


Purple Onion

Vegan Mayo



2, Depending on the quality of your processor will depend on how long you will have to blend it, but it should end up looking like this:

mix in blender

3, Cut Pita Bread in half so that you can stuff each side with your awesome filling.

Cut Pita Bread

4, Place in your Pita Bread lettuce, sliced tomato, finally the chickpea salad.

Place ingredients in Pita

Pro Tip

Cut the Pita in half again so that it fits in your lunch box more easily.

To round off the lunch you can include a portion of Vegan chips, and some Blueberries and Watermelon for snacks in between.

Pita Finished

Vegan Lunch #3: Vegan Chilli

Vegan Chilli Recipe

Would you like a vegan lunch for those winter days?

This vegan chilli will keep you going as it is so filling! Match it with a salad and you are on to a real winner - it's so delicious! 


Beyond Beef

Beyond Beef - Beef Crumble

Good Eats - Kickin Vegetarian Chili

Salt + Pepper

Chilli ingredients

Hot Chilli Sauce


1, Cook Beef Crumble in a large pot for a few minutes.

2, Add the packet of Vegetarian Chilli to pot, mix.

Chilli cooking

3, Season to taste with Salt and Pepper, and Hot Chilli Sauce.

4, Finished!

Pro Tip

The Chilli is very filling, so it's more of a ‘side’.

Additionally, you can include a salad with a dressing of choice (can use Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing)

Vegan Caesar Dressing

Finally, Crackers and Vegan Cheese to snack on in between.

Chilli ready in lunchbox

Vegan Lunch #4: Marinated Grilled Tofu with Rice

Vegan Grilled Tofu

Vegan Lunch #4 is perfect for basically any occasion!

I love to make this and enjoy it a little later in the day, that way I can eat a lighter meal for dinner. The tofu really keeps you going.​


Vegan Rice

Tofu (firm recommended)

Soy Sauce

Sriracha Sauce

Maple Syrup

Vegan Tofu Pack

Green Beans (optional)

Strawberries (optional)

Grapes (optional)


1, Cut Tofu into strips.

2, Prepare marinade using Soy Sauce, Sriracha Sauce, and Maple Syrup. Mix and then place in Tofu. For best results, marinate overnight.

Tofu marinating

3, Place Tofu on grill until cooked.

Tofu cooked

4, Cook rice as per package instructions.

5, Finished!

In your lunchbox, place a bed of rice the tofu over. As a suggested side to this dish you can add Green Beans.

Suggested fruit is Strawberries and Grapes for those snacks in between.

Tofu in lunchbox

Now over to you! What do you think about the recipes above? Have you given them a try? Any other favorites you prepare for lunch? 

Leave any questions in the comments below!

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