[Ultimate] Vegan Cookbooks Guide

At some stage, you’re going to run out of vegan recipes to cook. When that happens it’s great to check out new ideas and recipes from the pros who have done this before in one of the many vegan cookbooks available.

There are so many books available, so we’ve narrowed it down to just 21 resources for you to check out, available in hardcopy and kindle.

Some of the books below are meant for beginner vegans; those who are in the process of ‘cleaning’ up their diet but would still like to (intelligently) relapse with their old foods.​

Other books are for the multi-year devout vegan who is lacking inspiration in the kitchen and needs to branch out with some new recipes.

There are handy vegan cookbooks for the working professional who craves nutrient-dense foods but lacks the hours to spend in the kitchen- they need a quick fix.

So have a peruse below. Hopefully, you find what you are looking for!

Best Vegan Cookbooks

1. Everyday Cooking

101 Entirely Plant-based, Mostly Gluten-Free, Easy and Delicious Recipes by the Minimalist Baker

Vegan Cookbooks Guide

Looking for some Plant Based Recipe inspiration that is super simple, easy to prepare, and yummy?

Dana Shultz, the face behind The Minimalist Baker, has developed an awesome kitchen resource for health-minded people on almost any diet. One feature I like about the book is that there are alternatives to ingredients, so it is possible to work around most nutrition needs. Dana has made every effort to ensure that all ingredients are easy to source and budget-conscious.

Our Pick:​

Beetroot, Orange & Walnut Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressinga delicious zesty salad that’s a perfect light meal

Buy “Everyday Cooking” Now


  • Excellent photography
  • Entirely Plant-Based
  • 10 Ingredients or less


  • Some of the recipes can be a little complicated for novices.
  • Font choice not so good for quick glances while cooking (too much spacing)

Bonus: If you send an email to the address provided in the link above, you get a bonus five recipes.

2. Vegan College Cookbook


Vegan Cookbooks Guide

Thanks to popular demand, PETA has revised its 2009 version of their Vegan College Cookbook. Containing 275 recipes that are designed to be so simple, “a college student can prepare them” and they also boast that you will only require a microwave for the cooking process. All of the main meals are taken care of including some naughty snacks – that I love (see below).

No questions about it, this cookbook is aimed at the high school and college students that are needing some pure vegan inspiration.​

Our Picks:​

Pancake in a Mug – an easy twist on your favorite childhood breakfast

Buy “Vegan College Cookbok” Now


  • All proceeds of the book go to protecting animals.
  • Simple beginner-friendly recipes
  • No need for complicated kitchenware


  • Revised book has only 40 new recipes
  • Some people may be surprised to see a lack of flair in some of the recipes.
  • Strong bias on pre-made ingredients

3. Oh She Glows Every Day

by Angela Liddon

Vegan Cookbooks Guide

Need a convenient and family-friendly way of eating plant-based meals? This is your answer.

This is the 2nd book by Angela Liddon, and it’s a beauty! You will find over 100 recipes that have a lot of variety and flair. A nice feature of the book is that each of the recipes contains options to make it allergy, child, and gluten-friendly. You would expect no less for OSG, and I find this a plus because of the dietary requirements of my household.

Our Recipe Pick

Protein Power Rainbow Quinoa Salada great protein boost to keep you going through the day

Buy “Oh She Glows Every Day” Now


  • Has you covered with all meals and most occasions e.g. ‘holiday’ meals
  • Angela opens up her pantry so you can see what is in it, which is kind of cool.
  • A whole chapter on Cookies (Yep)


  • Not as ‘wow’ worthy as the first edition.
  • Slight bias toward smoothie recipes

4. Vegan Bowl Attack!

by Jackie Sobon

Vegan Cookbooks Guide

Hate doing the dishes? Us too…​

Enter Vegan Bowl Attack! A cookbook that focuses on delicious cooking using minimalistic tendencies. What I found splendid about the books is that I was able to increase the number of ingredients and pre-make meals 2-3 days in advance. However, the recipes are not simple 5 minutes and you are done; they do take some time – just my opinion, though!​

Our Recipe Pick

Orange Cauliflower Heaven Bowls

Buy “Vegan Bowl Attack!” Now


  • Good mix of dishes
  • Use of kitchenware is limited, less cleaning up
  • Beautiful Instagram hashtag so you can follow along what other people are making
  • #veganbowlattack


  • Recipes can take a little longer than others
  • More exotic ingredients are used = more expensive
  • Not for people who are allergic to nuts

5. Aquafaba

by Zsu Dever

Vegan Cookbooks Guide

I’m going to be honest, before researching for this article I was unaware of what Aquafaba meant. On the website it says:

“The word aquafaba is the common name for the cooking liquid of beans and other legumes like chickpeas.”

Interestingly enough, there are some lovely recipes in the book that may surprise you. The liquid that most of us used to dispose of can be utilized as an egg-replacement for meals such as; French Toast and Lemon Meringue Pie which is cool. The book is an excellent introduction to this world; it was for me.

Our Recipe Pick


Buy “Aquafaba” Now


  • Mind opening book to reuse otherwise discarded food
  • Great resource if you are just introducing Vegan into your diet
  • Useful for savory and sweet meals


  • Lacks creative photography
  • Font used is not ideal

6. Thug Kitchen 101: Fast As [email protected]

by Thug Kitchen

Vegan Cookbooks Guide

This is the 3rd book from the Thug Life Group. I really enjoyed their previous cookbooks, mostly because of their humor. Additionally, I find the recipes as a go-to when busy with work and need something fast and nutritious.

Buy “Thug Kitchen 101” Now


  • The name, writing style and vibe of the book – at least its original
  • Excellent photography
  • Some very nice ‘shortcuts’ for better cooking


  • Probably not the best Christmas present for Grandma

7. The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur

by Kelly Peloza

Vegan Cookbooks Guide

This cookbook is not going to be accused of false marketing. It is exactly what it says it is…

140 incredible methods to create awesome Vegan Cookies. It has recently made a jump up to the easy to grab top shelf (for easy access).

I do have non-Vegan friends who also really enjoy the ideas that come from this great resource. This is a big plus for me as it’s important to include all of my friends into my cooking.

Our Recipe Pick

Chocolate Chip Cookies (classic!)

Buy “The Vegan Cookie Connoiseur” Now


  • A real crowd pleaser!
  • Easy to use and accessible ingredients.


  • Let’s be honest, not the healthiest!

8. The Friendly Vegan Cookbook

by Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto

Vegan Cookbooks Guide

This cookbook has a nice and welcoming vibe about it. The authors do a very nice job of communicating the steps for each of the methods. There is nice and refreshing photography. Overall, it’s a cool book to draw some inspiration when you lack flair in the kitchen.

Our Recipe Pick

Herbed Polenta Fries

Buy “The Friendly Vegan Cookbook” Now


  • Beautiful and good value cookbook, perfect for a surprise gift for someone.


  • Not a great variety or volume of recipes.

9. Forks Over Knives Family

by Dr Alona Pulde and Dr Matthew Leaderman

Vegan Cookbooks Guide

Fork Over Knives needs no introduction. The movement and the people responsible for that change, Dr Alona Pulde and Dr Matthew Leaderman are awesome!

So it makes a lot of sense to listen to them, and it makes more sense to make this book part of your go-to kitchen resources.

This is an excellent gift for a family you know that may require a bit of encouragement for jumping on board with a Plant-Based Diet.

Our Recipe Pick

Corn Chowder

Buy “Forks Over Knives Family” Now


  • 125 methods = a lot of inspiration!
  • A lot of advice and tips from Doctors
  • Excellent photography and instructions


  • If you are a bachelor, this is not the resource for you
  • If Indian cuisine is not your thing, this is not the cookbook for you

10. The Little Vegan Cookbook

Vegan Cookbooks Guide

500: The number of recipes that are in this cookbook! This is a fantastic resource for someone who is always looking for new dishes. There are multiple authors who have contributed to this book to make it what it is.

There is an excellent array of dishes from hearty soups to fresh salads. Every occasion and season are covered it seems. Plus, it is priced at a very budget-friendly price point.

Our Recipe Pick

Any of the salads!

Buy “The Little Vegan Cookbook” Now


  • Excellent if you want to make a new meal every night of the month
  • Great, budget-friendly price


  • Lacks some non-primary instructions, so is best for the more experienced chef.

11. The Make Ahead Vegan Cookbook

by Ginny Kay McMeans

Vegan Cookbooks Guide

For me, the major drawcard of this book is the ability to freeze almost any of the meals. We are super busy and can’t cook every night of the week. I guess most households are the same.

So yes, this was a major feature for me.

However, that’s not all the book has to offer. There is a gaggle of awesome creations waiting to happen in the pages of this book. Again, it is a great resource of ideas to cook for friends who are coming over for dinner who are not vegan. Guaranteed they will love it too!

Our Recipe Pick

Sweet Potato Chili Logs

Buy “The Make Ahead Vegan Cookbook” Now


  • Meals can be frozen after cooking, or before the meal – depending on your schedule.
  • Inspiring photography


  • Not the healthiest cookbook on the market

12, N’ice Cream

by Virpi Mikkonen

Like 100% of other people in the world, I LOVE ICE CREAM!

N’ice Cream is the cookbook you wish you had the day you started being Vegan. There are 80+ methods to create excellent Vegan Ice Cream that leaves you feeling happy and healthy. The ingredients are very ‘clean’ and allergy-friendly. Even if I weren’t vegan, I would still use this book.

Its also claimed on the website that the Finnish version was the best selling cookbook in Finland. Do you need any more convincing???

Our Recipe Pick

Mango-Coconut Ice Pops – because mango and coconut are like the best flavors ever!

Buy “N’ice Cream” Now


  • Eat until your heart’s content! (just do it all in the early part of the day so you can burn it off!)


  • I can’t bring myself to write a con for this one, sorry!

13. The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook

by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

It’s Christmas, and you need to cook for your extended Non-Vegan family. What do you do?

A – Panic; or
B – Find a copy of The SuperFun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook​

B) is the right answer. My suggestion is that you keep it on your Cookbook shelf ready for when the inevitable occasion presents itself.

Here you will find suggestions for party favorites such as finger food, appetizers to casseroles. A treasure trove of great ideas! It’s also an allergy-friendly resource.

Buy “The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook” Now


  • Meal suggestions to cover most holidays and other special/religious events
  • 250+ recipes


  • All the meals are intended for big events, they’re not the sort of recipes you’d have time to cook for dinner on a daily basis

14. Crossroads

by Tal Ronnen

Chef Tal Ronnen is responsible for taking Vegan Cuisine up a level. At his Los Angeles based award-winning restaurant, his team are constantly pushing the boundaries to get more taste and zest from their Vegan-Mediterranean Cuisine.

Regular ingredients that we have come to expect (think soybeans) cannot be found anywhere. Which is very rare in vegan cookbooks.

Oprah trusts him; he was the chef that prepared her meals for the now-famous 21-day Vegan Cleanse. Good enough for us!

Our Recipe Pick

Grilled Vegetable Lasagnaa delicious vegan take on one of America’s favorite meals

Buy “Crossroads” Now


  • Offers even the most hardcore chefs a challenge with some of the methods.
  • The author encourages the home-chef to make only the dishes that “excite them!”


  • Reserved for the experienced chef
  • There’s a lot of specialized cooking utensils required and unique ingredients for home cooking

15, Nom Yourself

by Mary Mattern

Vegan Cook book Nom' Yourself

Mary Mattern is a refreshing face in the Vegan industry. She’s a Punk Rock, No-Nonsense Character who prepares some amazing vegan treats!

No doubt that Nom Yourself is an excellent ‘on-boarding’ resource for a beginner vegan. The combination of her familiar tone and twist on all the all-American favorites will bode well with people in that first transitional period.

However, the cookbook also offers a lot to the established vegan through some newer style meals and methods.​

Our Recipe Pick

Creamy Cashew Alfredo – one of my new favorite pasta dishes, you’ll love it, and it’ll turn your friends vegan as well

Buy “Nom Yourself” Now


  • Refreshing personality – great role model too!
  • Excellent photography
  • A nice twist on classic foods


  • Instructions can be a little sparse for the absolute novice (you’ll work it out though!)

16. Vegan With a Vengeance

by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

To be honest, I have the version of this book that doesn’t have any photos. Since then, the book has been updated to include photos, new cover, etc. I’m assuming that this is a significant improvement on this classic cookbook.

The book has some fabulous meals; that’s for sure. It covers everything from breakfast to dinner to desserts. Plus it does something else. It branches into Asian and Indian cuisines, and the author does it very well. Can recommend for sure!

Our Recipe Pick

Pad Thai (Brooklyn) by a long shot!

Buy “Vegan with a Vengeance” Now


  • Very diverse suggestion of meals
  • Easy to source ingredients (for the established vegan kitchen)


  • Some of the processes are hard to follow. You don’t have to be a demon in the kitchen, but you should have some basic-intermediate skills. So if you are an absolute beginner, maybe have a look at one of the other vegan cookbooks 🙂

17. Food52 Vegan

by Gena Hamshaw

Every vegan chef should have a few classics in their cooking repertoire. This resource will ensure that you are doing those classics justice.

The book does offer more, though, and that is delivered via essential kitchen tips such as making your own cashew cream for soups or adding avocado to smoothies for a richer texture.

Chefs of all levels will draw a lot of value from Food52.

Our Recipe Pick

Any of the salads.

Buy “Food52 Vegan” Now


  • Great on the fly-tips
  • Very simple methods and processes


  • Contains only 60 recipes, but that’s still pretty good 🙂

18. Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen

by Kathy Patalsky

After much success following her last book 365 Vegan Smoothies, Kathy Patalsky has come to the fore with another hit. This time, she has provided a resource that covers all possible meals, additionally, she offers some excellent health and wellness tips – and that is something everyone can enjoy.

Our Recipe Pick

Ultra Creamy Cashew Veggie Pot Pie – Nothing better than a yummy pie to warm you up when it’s been a cold day

Buy “Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen” Now


  • Happy to see some healthy mixed in with some ‘cheat day’ options.
  • Tips for how to veganize your kitchen
  • Excellent writing style


  • There are no classic categories, so the book can feel a bit unorganized at times.

19, The Easy Vegan Cookbook

by Kathy Hester

This recipe book was put together with the whole family in mind. Sometimes your family has time to enjoy the cooking process together, say on a Sunday afternoon, and the book caters for that. The book also caters for when the family doesn’t have the time and would prefer a ‘faster’ meal. The main feature of the book is that it offers those above, and doesn’t skimp on the healthiness of the meals.

Our Recipe Pick

Creamy Cauliflower Pesto Pasta

Buy “The Easy Vegan Cookbook” Now


  • Vegan Cookbook perfect for families
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Meals cover most cuisine preferences


  • Some meals lack a certain flair, but this is an easy fix

20. Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopian Cooking

by Kittee Berns

Want to seriously impress your friends and family with your repertoire of meals? This is the recipe book for you!

In this resource, you will learn how to find all of the ingredients necessary to create your own travel safari right in the comfort of your home. Highly unique, very fun and super educational

Our Recipe Pick

Any of the desserts – Ethiopian desserts are extremely unique in flavor – you’ve got to try them!

Buy “Teff Love” Now


  • Once you have had Ethiopian food, you will love it.


  • You will have to go out of your way to source ingredients
  • The cuisine is not for everyone

21, “Eat Like You Give A Damn.”

Making a commitment to a Vegan lifestyle is super fun, but it can be a bit of a tough process for some. This book teaches you to do as the title suggests.

I know more than a few vegans who use this as their quick-check resource when thinking of on the fly dinners. They are decade-long vegans too, so if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me!

It’s great to see a new generation of vegan cookbooks that are actively promoting ethical practices!​

Our Recipe Pick

Baked Oatmeal – An awesome breakfast meal

Buy “Eat Like You Give a Damn” Now


  • Gives actionable advice for newcomer vegans
  • An excellent resource for quick meal suggestions


  • Tofu is used a lot

That’s a wrap! Do you know of another book that is not yet on the list? Let me know in the comments below so that I can check it out!

Gary Edwards

Gary is a contributor to YourVegan Kitchen. Gary loves helping others to improve their nutrition and enjoys playing tennis. He's determined to show how easy it is to maintain a healthy vegan diet

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  • October 12, 2016 at 4:06 am

    Great list! In a related category, here are a few plant based, whole food, SOS free cookbooks I can’t live without:

    Unprocessed by Chef AJ
    Bravo by Chef Ramses Bravo
    Straight Up Cookbook by Cathy Fisher

    • October 12, 2016 at 10:04 pm

      Hi Carissa,

      Wow great recommendations! I am going to check these out for sure 🙂

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    I am always looking for new recipes, new cookbooks, and just new personalities to follow in the vegan world. So definitely looking forward to getting a few of these!

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      Of course! It is so important to have a nice back log of recipes in your meal plan.

      Thank you for your feedback.


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    Wow, thank you for the recommendations. I bought Nom Yourself last week and have been loving it!

    Keep us updated if you find any other cookbooks, winter is coming 🙂

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      Love that book, too. Glad you are enjoying it.

      Thanks for the kind words.


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