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About Us

I’m Anna Davis, and I am a passionate advocate for health, wellness, and the lifestyle I love: being vegan. I enjoy being able to support others on their journey to become vegan as they discover the incredible benefits that this lifestyle has to offer.

My mission is to provide value to you in the content and ideas shared here, whether you are just starting out on your vegan journey or you are a seasoned individual.

When I say ‘the vegan lifestyle’ I really mean it, being vegan is a way of life that requires commitment, investment and learning. Being vegan can look different for different people, and I want to celebrate wherever you are on your journey.

I welcome you into our community and applaud you on taking steps towards a healthier, happier you, with lifestyle choices that help our environment thrive as you do.

I hope you love being vegan as much as I do! 


Why I am Vegan

I believe that the first and most important step in becoming vegan is understanding your motivation behind why you want to adopt this lifestyle. Being vegan is about more than what food you consume, it is about your relationship with yourself, your body, and the environment.

When there is emotion and intent behind your choices, you are much more likely to be committed. That is why I believe understanding your motivation is so key!

Personally, I am an advocate for animal rights. My motivation behind becoming vegan was and still is, to support a thriving environment through my choices not to consume or buy animal products. 

Throughout my vegan journey I have found that being vegan is not a sacrifice at all, rather, it is a fun, tasty and rewarding lifestyle! 

Our process

How We Review Products & Recipes

We make it accessible for our readers to learn and grow their knowledge base and help them in their decision making by bringing together the best available resources that we have found on a given topic.

The topics we cover in our reviews include recipe reviews, nutrition information, cooking tips, cooking equipment product reviews, and pretty much everything-vegan.

Each of our reviews will include a link to the resource, so that our readers are able to access, these incredible, valuable resources themselves.


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