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Have you ever walked into a health food store, looked around and thought “Damn, there is so much great stuff in here, everything looks great, but I don’t know what to buy?

Urthbox is your answer.

The best way to discover great new brands, snacks, and drinks, right in the comfort of your home. Each and every month, Urthbox carefully select cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products that are healthy and delicious.

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Urthbox Review: What is in a Urthbox?

To give you an example box, please see below. Note: I chose the vegan option. You can do this easily when you are ordering in the checkout area. If you like, there are also Gluten-Free, Low Carb options. There are 19 different dietary options available.

Urthbox Contents 

I’m going to start off by saying that almost everything in the box was great. There was one product that I didn’t love and will get to that.

  • Bombay Spiced and Infused Popcorn: This was surprisingly good. Love it when there is an infusion of two different cuisines. The Indian spice worked well in the natural crunch of the popcorn. There was a separate order made so that I could get more of this.
  • Chili’n in the Corn’r – Citrus-Chili Roasted Corn: Another favorite from the box. I feel like sometimes companies heavily salt their products, so they get a broad appeal from the market. I love it when a food producer doesn’t over salt, and rather relies on the food technicians to get the taste mix right. Again, have ordered more of these.
  • Chips de Pommes – New Tree: This is the perfect example of an Urthbox product. The product itself is carbon neutral. The food inside is organic. The taste is delicious and healthy. Pretty much could not get enough of these goodies.
  • Leaf and Love Organic Lemonade: How good is a cold lemonade on a hot Summers’ day? It’s a sugar-free lemonade that is not too sweet like others can be. I had tried one of these before and knew how good they are. You should try!
  • Sheffa Everything Savoury Bar: To be honest, wasn’t ready for a granola bar to be savory. Sheffa has done a fantastic job with this snack. My favorite is that it’s not too salty, have a great crunch and very enjoyable to eat.
  • Sol Simple Organic Sun Mix: Another great Urthbox example product. The perfect mix of different fruits that complement each other well. Organic, non-GMO, exciting production story (dried by the sun).
  • Matt’s Munchies: Not too much else in the packet other than natural ingredients and flavors, and you can tell the difference healthwise when eating these treats. These I ate when out on an extended hike in the mountains. Loved the healthy energy boost these gave! I had the Banana/Coconut flavor, can recommend that one.
  • INNO Specialty Foods (Coconut Medley with Mixed Nuts): Snacking doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. There is enough nutrition mixed into these mildly sweetened but very delicious mixed nuts/crunchy snack. They are very delicious and will have you finding more pretty quickly.
  • Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes by Element: These went so well with my mid-morning coffee. I am a big fan of dark chocolate and rice cakes combination. I make it myself at home. They were as good as my home-cooked ones, according to my family.
  • Roobar: Oh these are chewy! Perfect for that little 4 pm slump where it’s too early for dinner, but you just need that little something.
  • Paleo Life Bar: These have a very premium-quality feel and taste to them, especially when compared with other paleo bars on the market. They are very satisfying straight after a workout!
  • Sheffa Zesty Snack Mix: Least liked last. Above I said that it’s not great when companies try to over taste their products, it’s also not great when they under taste too. A delicate mix, in my opinion, they need a couple of tweaks (more or different seasoning), and this could be a great product/snack. You can’t satisfy everyone, though!

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Overall Rating for the Urthbox

I loved 95% of what was in this box. It was an eye-opening experience to see what new brands are out there doing amazing things. The best part was that they were all packaged and addressed just for me.

I can recommend this subscription to anyone on the fence about whether they should sign up and try this, at least for one month.

Reasons To Buy

  • Economical: Urthbox has worked out individual agreements with their suppliers so that they can get the products for much cheaper than retail customers, like us.
  • Short on time: Between work and kids, who has the time in their day to head to the local health food store? It is hard to keep up with new and healthy products that are coming out – but that’s no reason why you should miss out.
  • Treat yourself: What better way to treat yourself than with a monthly present that arrives packaged and posted, directly to you? Everyone deserves one of these.
  • Good for the environment: Each of these products has been carefully chosen under strict Urthbox requirements. The companies that stand behind each of the products must make it a priority to treat the environment with respect.
  • Good for you: Urthbox chose each product with you, the customer, in mind. Urthbox has a special Vegan box that is packed full of treats that you would have probably never found.

Would you like to see a live unboxing of a Vegan Urthbox? This one is from Vegan Beauty Review on Youtube!

Have you tried Urthbox, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below

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