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When most people go vegan they start to see their consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables go way up, and frozen and processed foods go down. Why? frozen and processed foods almost always contain animal products and other artificial nasties, whereas fresh fruit and vegetables come straight from nature!

There’s just one problem – fruit and vegetables spoil – and depending on where you live this could be fast. Enter the amazing Food Dehydrator!

​What is a Food Dehydrator?

Best Food dehydrator

Food dehydrating the process of removing water/moisture from foods so that it makes it easier to store the food, keep it for longer or transport it.

Water can make up 60-95% of foods so there is a massive reduction in overall size and weight once dehydrated. Removing the water allows you to store food without worrying about whether bacteria is starting to form, spoiling the food.

Who Would Use a Food Dehydrator?

There are so many reasons why you would want to dehydrate your food! To be honest, it is really addictive. As a testament to that, there are forums on the internet that are dedicated to only this subject.

If you are someone that loves to store food, dehydrating your food is an excellent way to save space and keep food for longer without compromising on taste.

Have you got a large vegetable/fruit garden and at certain times of the year harvest a lot of one type of food? Here is a way to preserve that food so that you have it all year round.

Do you enjoy the great outdoors, backpacking and hiking, boating, multi-day off-road biking? Well dehydrating your food will massively decrease your pack weight.

The options and benefits are endless, and once you get going it really is a great deal of fun

Best Food Dehydrator Under $100
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How Does a Food Dehydrator Work?

Best food dehydrator

​A typical food dehydrator works by passing warm to hot air over your food and, over the process of a few hours (4-16 hours) removes the moisture.

The air is usually displaced by way of a fan (horizontal unit) or normal air movement as heat rises (vertical units).

​Benefits of a Food Dehydrator

There are forums dedicated to the subject of Dehydrating. There is a good reason for this – it’s super fun!”

But why would a person want to purchase and use a food dehydrator, and how would it improve their lives?

Save Yourself Money

For people who love to shop for bargains, once you see that mangoes are in season and extremely cheap, for example, you can buy in bulk for dehydration and enjoy all year.

Create Healthy Food

When you dehydrate fruit, you seal in the flavor! Plus, you aren’t required to add sugar, etc so all the flavor is natural. You keep the lion’s share of the nutrients and vitamins also.

Increase Shelf Life

By removing moisture from the food you decrease the risk of spoiling. The general rule of thumb is that when dehydration is performed properly, the shelf life is 1 year. However, I have seen foods stored for up to 2 years.

Optimize Your Storage Area

It is so nice to open up my food pantry and see all our food laid out with enough room and not just crammed in. I have food dehydration to thank for this. By removing the water you MASSIVELY reduce the size up to 95%.


It is so easy to have all the food you need at the reach of a hand. I love to front-load my work by sacrificing a day or two, and then enjoying the spoils for the next months.

If not for anything else, it is worth it for that one time you get home from work and simply don’t want to cook anything. You know there is a dehydrated curry waiting for you to add some water, bring to the boil and serve – easy ​

What Are the Limitations of Food Dehydrating?

When you dehydrate food you are essentially reducing the size of that food. So it is very easy to overeat or eat more than what you would normally consume.

The worry here is that the foods are usually high in sugar (fructose) and/or calories.

Should you get a Food Dehydrator?

To wrap up this article – if you like the idea of making healthy vegan food that lasts for months, or you want to take food away with you without it spoiling, a food dehydrator is definitely for you!

Start dehydrating your food now for under $100! Check out our review of the best food dehydrators under $100

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