Vegan Dehydrator Recipes

One of the best things about owning a food dehydrator is all the easy, healthy and delicious food options available. It doesn’t get any easier than preparing food and popping it in your dehydrator. Some tips will ensure you get the most from your efforts. Read below to be inspired!

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1. Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

Vegan Food Dehydrator Recipes

Recipe by: A Cedar Spoon

When I am entertaining friends at my house, I always feel a twinge of unease when I pull out a bag of chips and empty them into a bowl. It is probably just me, but I always feel that I should go to more of an effort for my friends that just emptying a packet of store-bought (vegan) chips.

Finally, there is a tastier, healthier and more crowd-pleasing option – Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas. I love chickpeas in any form, but my favorite has got to be the dehydrated version.

This recipe is very easy to follow and is just delicious.

The last batch I made a few different flavors. Zesty Paprika (Paprika seasoning with lemon juice), Spicy (cayenne pepper) and Salt and Vinegar.


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Be inspired by this recipe and always remember that you have so many options open to you when you have a food dehydrator.

2. Rawmazing Cheezy Kale Crackers

Vegan Food Dehydrator Recipes

Recipe by: Rawmazing

We have all been there. It’s 9 pm on a Thursday night, and we get a craving for something naughty. There isn’t an apple or banana that exists that will curb this craving.

But you have been good diet wise this month, really good. Now, you don’t just want to toss all that good work away on an unhealthy pack of chips or biscuits.

Enter Rawmazing’s Cheezy Kale Crackers.

They are the healthy alternative snack for those killer cravings we all get. The snack that you give your non-vegan friends and they beg for more. Also, perfect to give to your kids as an in-between snack.

It’s hard to believe they are vegan, but they are. The Raw Coconut and the Nutritional Yeast blend well together to give a fantastic base and crunch.

This easy and delicious recipe will fast become your go-to food dehydrator recipe that sneaks into the monthly routine.

3. Watermelon Chips

Vegan Food Dehydrator Recipes

Recipe by: The Real Farmhouse

As a parent, it is so important to find healthy snacking options for your kids. Encouraging them to eat more fruit and vegetables has never been harder, with all the advertisements for junk food they are bombarded with.

The best you can do is provide them with options that they like as much, or more than the sugar-filled alternatives. Dehydrated Watermelon Chips are your answer to that problem all parents face.

Perfect for an afternoon snack, or as a lunch box filler. Your kids will definitely come back for more.

Plus, us parents love them too!

4. Peach Rasberry Fruit Leather

Vegan Food Dehydrator Recipes

Recipe by: Oh So Delicioso

Growing up, my mom never bought me store bought fruit leathers. She knew what I didn’t, that they were horribly sugar, preservative, and salt filled.

Now I know better, and am grateful for that tough love growing up.

When I bought my first food dehydrator, one of the first recipes that I made was a fruit leather. A mango flavoured one. From that moment I was hooked, and the best part was not feeling guilty about eating it.

The key is using a fruit that is in season. Use the Peach-Rasberry Fruit Leather recipe as a guide and experiment at will.

A quick note and one that’s mentioned in the recipe linked to is that the thickness of the leather is essential. Take care and follow the instructions – you and your kids will love it!

Note: To Veganise this recipe, just swap the honey out for agave syrup.

5. Raw Corn Chips

Vegan Food Dehydrator Recipes

Recipe by: Shine With Nature

This is a 2 for 1! Not only has Tiasha from suggested a great corn chip recipe, but an exceptional Raw Vegan Chili as well.

Perfect for those Mexican theme nights, and you can also use them as a chip base for vegan nachos.

This one gets the thumbs up from us!

6. Raw Food Sweet Potato Mushroom Sliders

Vegan Food Dehydrator Recipes

Recipe by: Rawmazing

A big part of me becoming Vegan was a strong influence of my friends, a particular couple. They are an incredible power couple, and our families really enjoy spending time together.

When they come over for dinner, I take the time to cook them a wonderful vegan meal to show them the appreciation for putting me (and my family) on this path. Special pride is taken to make sure they eat something they hadn’t had yet.

These sliders are perfect on so many levels. They are super healthy, enjoyed across all age brackets (young and old) and are easy to make for a group of people. In other words, ideal for entertaining. 90% of the preparation you can do beforehand which is my style.

This recipe really opened up my eyes as to the potential of owning a food dehydrator.

7. Raw Vegan Habanero Pepper Crackers

Vegan Food Dehydrator Recipes

Recipe by: The Healthy Family and Home

If complicated is the enemy of ‘done’, then these Habanero Crackers are the friend of me!

They are so easy and delicious there is no way that one batch is enough. There are no guilty feelings either as these little bundles of taste are packed with essential nutrients that will keep you healthy!

One of the best things I love about this particular recipe is the tips that Karielyn gives to make cooking them easier. The tips are worth the read on their own.

The texture of the crackers lend themselves to be used as both a dipper, or you can use them to add extra crunch to your favorite salads.

8. Tomato Chips

Vegan Food Dehydrator Recipes

Recipe by: Southern Plate

If ever someone asks me why do I have a food dehydrator, my response is “Have you ever eaten Spiced Tomato Chips?”. These are those treats that you come by every now and again that make you say “Wow!”.

Dehydrating the moisture out of foods really concentrates the flavor. It seems to be more evident with tomatoes, especially when they are flavored with basil and sea salt.

For anyone that has a vegetable garden, you will love this alternative to freezing or canning your harvest, as it is easier and takes up less space.

There are some excellent additions to this recipe that are discussed in the ‘comments’ section beneath the recipe that is worth checking out.

9. Crunchy Broccoli Cheese Puffs (Dairy-Free)

Vegan Food Dehydrator Recipes

Recipe by: Apron Strings Blog

I completely agree with Anne ( that most of the store bought kale chips are crumbled flakes or seasoning. They leave me so….thirsty.

These are super yum! Something about how the nutritional yeast and garlic cooks into the broccoli, so delicious. If you have ever made kale chips and are looking for another healthy alternative to add to the mix, you will love this recipe.

I used my Tribest Food Dehydrator to make these. Note: They do take a long time, about 24 hours. They are well worth it.

The Apron Strings Blog is definitely worth checking out; they have a tonne of excellent recipes for vegans.

10. Paleo Skittles

Vegan Food Dehydrator Recipes

Recipe by: Joyful Abode

“A Real Food Rainbow” I don’t know who coined that term, but I love it!

One of the best ideas that I’ve seen in a long time. The reason that I like it so much is that the kids can help to prepare and because they are so involved they love to eat them too.

In my personal recipe book, I am going to file this under ‘guilt-free,’ ‘child-friendly’ and ‘wonderfully vegan.’

A perfect food dehydrator recipe for when a particular fruit is in harvest, and you have some extra coconut butter around.

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Have you got any recipes that need to be on this list? Given any of the above a try? How did it work out? Let us know in the comments!

Anna Davis

Anna is the author of Your Vegan Kitchen, she enjoys drawing from her many years of experience in vegan cooking to prepare delicious and healthy meals for her family and friends.

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