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[EXPLAINED] What is HCLF Vegan?

What is a Vegan?​A person who has made a commitment to not consume animal products. If you would like more information regarding this, please see resource here.What is a HCLF Vegan?​A High Carb Low Fat (HCLF) Vegan eats a high percentage of their calories as carbohydrates while reducing other things such as fat and sodium.A […]

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Gaining Weight On A Vegan Diet

​For some, one of the biggest problems that vegans or other individuals who focus on a plate-based diet face is a drastic drop in weight.While losing a few pounds can be beneficial to many people and might even be the reason they chose to go plant-based, others want to take the opportunity to bulk up […]

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How to get Enough Calcium on a Vegan Diet

[7 FOODS] How To Get Enough Calcium On A Dairy Free Diet ​”How to get enough calcium on a dairy-free diet?” This is a question that comes up at some point for all vegans and plant-based people.  The general public is under the impression that an individual has to consume animal protein for calcium, this […]

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