Recycle Your Plastic + Feed Less Fortunate Puppies

Stray dogs eating

Certain things really tug at my heartstrings. This is such an example.

A simple machine which when you place a plastic bottle into, returns dog food and water for homeless pooches.

When someone puts a bottle in the vending machine, the foods automatically drops down into a built-in bowl that the dogs can access.

Great example of a ‘paying it forward’ economy.

A perfect balance of taking care of street animals that have had a hard turn in life, while encouraging people to recycle.

For the owner of the machine, the cost of the dog food is covered by the income from taking plastic bottles to a recycling collection. In some areas of Australia and United States, it’s possible to get 10 cents plus for each bottle recycled.

These intelligent initiatives are exactly what our society needs. Do your part and share this on so more people can be inspired!

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