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How to be Vegan and Stay Healthy

How to Be Vegan and Stay HealthyThis article explains everything you need to know about How to be Vegan and Stay Healthy, but first lets look at what being on a vegan diet means:What is a Vegan Diet?​ A vegan diet consists of foods that ostensibly come from plants. Vegans ensure they do not consume […]

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[INSPIRATION] 4 Delicious + Easy Vegan Prepared in Minutes

Quick Navigation ​Meal 1: Spicy Ranch Pasta Salad​Ingredients​​Method​​Meal 2: Chickpea Salad on Pita​Ingredients​MethodPro Tip​Meal 3: Vegan Chilli​Ingredients​​MethodPro Tip​Meal 4: Marinated Grilled Tofu with RiceIngredients​​Method ​These awesome, delicious and creative vegan lunch ideas are inspired and brought to you by TheChicNatural  Please go and check out her YouTube channel for tonnes of great advice for Beauty, […]

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